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fawn, 16, pansexual, genderqueer, poly. male or neutral pronouns. i like dead stuff, tv shows and pretty pale floral things. i write. i collect junk. formerly a black and white blog.

A big salamander and my little snake friend who hung out with me. They were both pretty cute.

I found this little guy sitting on a log in the woods and figured it was probably dying as it wasn’t flying at all or moving much, so I let it sit on my hand as I walked around for a while and then let it go. It had some kind of green bubble on one of its wings… I know next to nothing about butterflies so I really wasn’t sure what it was.

stuff! lotsa stuff!!

so i haven’t been able to go on tumblr much in the past few months because i’m working now. i finally had some down-time today and decided to check in, make a post about what i’ve been up to, blah blah

i guess i’ll start from the begining! so i got a job at a farm a few months ago. they dont have any animals, they just grow produce, and it’s nice working there. everybody’s pretty laid back, and the owners know my family, plus their son is my neighbor. they found out i like taxidermy and dead stuff, and a couple weeks after starting there, they gifted me with a dead beaver. it’s currently sitting in my freezer until i have a day i can deal with it… but it was a very nice gift! i’m going to tan the pelt, and i lopped the feet off to preserve in jars.

about a month ago me and my dad went fishing and cought a decent sized bass, so we took it home and he cleaned it and gave me the head to stick in a jar (which now sits with the rest of my collection), and then my ten year old sister went to the beach with a friend and came back all excited saying she had a present for me. it was a skull of some sort, she had no clue what it was but figured i’d probably know and want to keep it (it belonged to some kind of salt water catfish).

and then the week before last, I was in ohio for vacation with my family. found a lot of neat stuff, including a whole ton of catfish bones! they were everywhere. single bones, skulls and whole skeletons. it was pretty cool. I caught a few live ones myself, too. me and my friend went hiking and found this big area with a cave, waterfall and a stream flowing through and we poked around, i found some salamanders and crayfish, and tons of nightcrawlers. they were everywhere

one day, we were all swimming in the lake that the cabin we were staying in was on and i found the sweetest, calmest northern water snake. he was swimming and stopped for a moment when he saw me, and i just put my hand under him, lifted him up out of the water and he didnt do a single thing but curl around my arm. he spent the majority of the day curled up on my lap and then was released back where i found him. i’ll never get why people say northern water snakes are so nasty… i’ve never met a mean one. the next night me and my friend were looking for crayfish in the lake and she shone a flashlight into the water and there were two smaller northerns sitting at the bottom, so i jumped in with my clothes on and came out with a snake in each hand (i think everybody was both impressed and mildly freaked out). got some pictures, let them go a couple minutes later. the smaller one was a little bite-y but not bad, only bit once and didn’t even break the skin, after that he just wriggled around as hard as he could until i let him go.

and now i’m home, and not much has happened since then. soo that’s what i’ve been up to! i’ll post some pictures from the trip and stuff later.



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For those who missed it this morning.


Yona the black bear (Yona is literally just the word ‘bear’ in Tsalagi/Cherokee)
His frontals at their widest point are 9.8 cm and back of head to nose tip 27 cm
What he looked like before he was cleaned: [link]
Bought raw from my local taxidermist, started cold water maceration and finished with hot water, he’s originally from Ontario, Canada. Estimated to be 200 pounds when he was whole.

Taken near my town’s elementary school; there’s a series of streams and ponds all around the school and this is one of the ponds behind it. The water was the weirdest color I’ve ever seen. The camera doesn’t really do it justice. It was like a milky blue-grey. None of the other ponds have this color. I have no clue what made the water look that way, but I made sure to keep away from it in case it was some kind of chemical pollution. I find that a little doubtful because the wildlife is thriving in the area, but I figured I’d be safe anyway.

It was kind of pretty in a way, though. Kinda eerie.

A piece I did last year & some detail shots. This thing took for.ever. Worth it though; I love the way it looks.

The subject matter was a bit personal to me. When I was about four I was sitting in the car while my mom was doing something and a swallowtail butterfly was sitting on the edge of the window. I sat there watching it, waiting for my mom to come back. I looked away for a few minutes, and when I looked back the butterfly was squished all over the window and twitching. As if that wasn’t mortifying enough for 4-year-old-me, a portion of the butterfly’s body fell into the car and landed on me.

4-year-old-me promptly freaked out and started crying. I was pretty traumatized from the whole thing.

It was pretty much my first experience with death that I can remember and it stuck with me for a long time. I still get a little queasy thinking about it.